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Bonham Warriors 2016 football preview


Winless, but not limited on talent.

"A lot of speed," Senior QB/S Austin Simmerman said. "A lot of speed"

"We had a 4x100 team go deep in track this year, all four are on our varsity now," Warriors head coach Tony Johnson said. "We play a tough schedule, maybe one of the toughest districts in Texas at this level, so it's be interesting to see what that speed does on Friday nights."

The Warriors are coming into 2016 with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, after their 2015 campaign ended 0-10.

"It brings us a lot of motivation," Senior OT/DT Josh Easley said. "We have the whole community jumped on this year. We're not only doing it for us, but also for our coaches and families."

"It'll be great," Simmerman said. "I'm just glad we can go out there and prove what we can do this year."

6 starters are returning on both sides of the ball for Bonham, In Johnson's second season as the head coach.

"I finally feel like this team is mine for the first time," Johnson said. "We have a strong family unit, we bond and we gel. They are a fun group of kids to coach."

That mindset is something that translates from the players aspect as well.

"The coaches connect with the players," Junior FS/WR Sadarian Ball said. "Usually you don't see teams that have coaches that connect with the players as much as ours do. They are determined to get us out of here and to go somewhere."

The warriors have adopted a slogan, T.O.T, to remind them it takes a full team.

"We have to think about the other ten, T.O.T., and put trust in the brothers beside us to do their jobs so we can do ours."

Bonham opens the season August 26 at home against Ferris.