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Tom Bean 2016 Football Preview


Tom Bean Tomcats 2016 Football Preview

Starters Returning: 6/6 (O/D). 2015: 1-9 

The Tom Bean Tomcats are the new kids on the block in class 2A, completing the move down from class 3A.

"It levels out the playing field for us," Senior OT/DE Garrett Gomez. 

"It's a place where we can compete and win," Senior QB/MLB Keoni Puana said.

Despite the move down, realignment didn't do the Tomcats many favors. 

"By no means are we going into a pushover district, it's a tough district that had a lot of success last year," Tomcats coach Pepper Nix said. "We're still going to have to play football and compete, but i think we feel like we have an equal footing as far as depth is concerned."

A slew of injuries led to a disappointing 1-9 season for the Tomcats in 2015. Coach Nix said the key for a successful 2016 season, is the team staying healthy.

"We got beat up early in the year and we never fully recovered," Nix said. "We had some season ending injuries that really hurt us, especially in our junior and senior classes. We're hoping the strength we developed in the offseason will help us prevent that."

Tom Bean will be looking toward their upperclassmen when the road gets tough.

"We bring leadership, a lot of experience this year with our seniors," Puana said. "We're real tough, real gritty. We're going to find a way to grind out games and do what we have to do."

The tomcats are approaching the season with a 'why not us' attitude, and the knowledge it's a new season.

"Absolutely losing makes you better," Gomez said. "We learned from our mistakes last year and we're ready to go."

"Everybody has to buy in this year, which wasn't the case last year," Puana said. "I think we learned our lesson, obviously with a 1-9 season. We'll buy in."

Tom Bean opens it's season vs. Lindsay on August 26.