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Whitesboro Bearcats 2016 football preview


Whitesboro Bearcats 2016 Football Preview

Starters Returning: 7/8 (O/D). 2015: 5-7

In 2015, the Whitesboro Bearcats advanced to the area finals, nearly clipping state semifinalist Mineola in the process. That was still not a happy ending.

"There is only one happy team at the end of the year, that's the team that wins the state championship," Whitesboro football coach Eddie Gill said.

They do believe, however, it's a good starting point.

"We've got a lot of guys coming back," Gill said. "It helps to have a nucleus of that, but we will form our own personalities as two-a-days go along. Hopefully, we will be better than what we have been."

On offense... The Bearcats return 7 starters, but did lose running back Jake Dyer. Dyer is Whitesboro's all-time leading rusher and now at Oklahoma State. This year it'll be Ryan Pollard taking the handoffs.

"He started out last year having a real good year, but we lost him to a knee injury right before district started," Gill said. "He was on-pace to having 1,000 yards himself."

On the other side of the ball, the Bearcats return 8 starters meaning the expectations are high as well.

"We hit hard, play hard, and get the job done," Senior DT Brandon Murphy said.

"It gives us a motive to go out there and push ourselves to get better," Senior CB Josh Fletcher said. "Just go out and show what we can do."

Making the playoffs used to be like finding gold for Whitesboro, but after five consecutive postseason appearances the Bearcats are happy with the current trend.

"I'd like to go all the way to state, but i would hate to see us ruin the streak," Murphy said. "It just means everything."

"It would be nice, but hopefully we do a little more than just make playoffs," Fletcher said. "It would be nice to accomplish that and push as far as we can to make a run our senior year.