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National Solar Car Teams Make a Pit Stop in Texoma


ARDMORE, OK -- A group of high school students from all over the nation joined together in Ardmore today, for one of the many pit stops in the annual solar car races.

"It's always a big rush and super exciting and it's a lot of fun and you learn so much a long the way," team captain Clayton Odom says.

Clayton Odom and his team are only in high school but they say after participating in the Solar Car Challenge, they already know what they’ll be doing when they enter life after school.

"I’m actually really interested in going into mechanical and electrical engineering, majoring in that in college, and I understand a lot of these guys are too," Odom says.  

And that’s what the race director of the 23rd Annual Solar Car Challenge always hoped for; for kids all over the nation to learn from this fast paced education foundation program.

"Most of our students stand a far better chance of actually entering a profession of science and engineering because they have had the opportunity here to have real world experiences, they’re out on the road, if something goes wrong, they have to fix it right then, they don’t give up," race director Lehman Marks says.

Race director Lehman Marks believes teaching this age group about alternative energy awareness, like solar energy, will greatly affect our future.

"What kind of a hook is that when you can build your own car, power it by the sun, and drive it down the road and at Texas motor speedway, it’s an incredible opportunity," Marks says.

The 161 schools and 45,000 students from 32 states have traveled from Minnesota all the way to Texas; but were able to make a pit stop at the Ardmore Convention Center, where Ardmore Michelin was able to teach the students the importance of fuel economy.

"We're going to talk about rolling resistance and what the importance is in fuel economy, obviously that’s very important, making sure they can get to point a and point b with very little fuel and solar power needed," Michelin Communications Director Maia Day says.