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Upgrades continue for Ardmore's Noble Stadium


ARDMORE, OK -- Noble Stadium on the campus of Ardmore High School is undergoing a major facelift.

"It was time, and the kids are really excited about it," Ardmore football coach Josh Newby said. 

Construction is underway to replace the track and install a FieldTurf playing surface, which will replace the grass field. The new 1000ML track is part of a 2013 bond issue, but budget cuts left the school short on money for the turf. That's when an independent, tax-exempt, organization was created.

"A representative called me and says, 'Do you think there is a possibility to raise $850,000 in three weeks?'" Glen Burns said. "Well, I don't know, let me make some phone calls."

Burns, who is chairman of the Ardmore Schools Turf Association, did just that. The timing isn't a coincidence either. The ASTA looked at engineering surveys, which suggested the project be done together.

"The drainage system and everything that works to make a field good to play on should be done at one time," Burns said. "It's not two projects, it's one."

Although it doesn't look like it in late June, the field will be ready for the Tigers' season opener.

"It's been exciting. The kids look out here and know we play Ada here on September 2," Newby said. "That creates excitement and it will be a great atmosphere for our kids and their kids."

With an enhanced look and feel at noble stadium, it increases the possibilities of hosting events or postseason tournaments. Anything from band competitions to state track meets, can help bring added revenue to the city. 

"Our restaurants are full, our hotels are full," Burns said. "There is a lot of hotel and sales tax generated by these events."

"It helps your place stay modern, it makes your community look like they are proactive," Newby said. "So it's going to be big for us."