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"She had her finger on the trigger, and it went off.": Durant City Manager Involved In Domestic Dispute


DURANT, OK- The fate of a Texoma city manager was up for debate Tuesday night after authorities say a gun she was holding went off during an argument with her husband.

It all happened early Sunday morning. Authorities say Durant City Manager Sarah Sherrer admitted to getting the gun during the argument. Her husband wasn't hit, but the incident is still being investigated.

A special meeting was called late Tuesday afternoon to discuss possible disciplinary action, and if any should be taken.

The sheriff's office was alerted of the incident when a friend couldn't get a hold of Sherrer's husband Danny and became worried.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office says Durant City Manager Sarah Sherrer admitted she picked up a gun during an argument with her husband Danny at their home on Sandstone Road.

"Sarah stated that she was upset. She picked up a gun, without any intentions of harming Danny, but she was loading the gun. She had her finger on the trigger, and it went off," said Investigator John Haislip.

The incident happened around midnight Saturday. Investigator John Haislip says deputies weren't alerted until around 3:45 Sunday morning when a friend of Danny's grew concerned.

"After the incident I guess Danny had contacted a friend of his and told the friend what was going on. A little while later, the friend tried to call Danny back. You know got to thinking about it and wanted to make sure Danny was okay. Couldn't get a hold of him, and called the sheriff's office to advise what happened," said Haislip.

The sheriff's office says it's unclear if City Manager Sherrer fired the gun intentionally or if it went off by accident. No bullet was found inside the home but investigators say a casing was in the weapon.

As word of the shooting spreads throughout the community, some people say as the city manager, she's held to a higher standard.

"What it comes down to is character. Do you want a person with that type of character in a position of authority," said Ron Bohannon.

We tried to reach Sherrer by phone and even stopped by her house.

Residents say no matter who's involved an argument should never be settled with a gun.

"I feel you should be able to keep your composure if you're in that place of authority," said Alexsis McKinney.