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Local Hospital Donates Life Saving Kits to the Van Alstyne Police Department


VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- Officers with the Van Alstyne Police Department will now be even better prepared for life threatening situations, thanks to new emergency kits donated to them by a local hospital.

On Thursday, Wilson N. Jones Medical Center donated hundreds of dollars’ worth of life saving kits to the Van Alstyne Police Department.

These kits originated from the military and are filled with items to save both officers and community members lives in case they're shot or stabbed.

They’re known as a DOK - Downed Officer Kit, they're small and easy to carry, but unlike its discreet appearance it can save lives, and now every police unit with the Van Alstyne Department carries it.

"I think it's very important that all our officers are trained in this equipment, and have this equipment," said Chief Tim Barnes, with the Van Alstyne Police Department.

Training that was made possible thanks to Wilson N. Jones recent donation of these lifesaving kits to the police department.

"We want them to carry them, because they can use it to save their own lives, but they can also save a victim too," said Dr. Kent Schrank, Director of Trauma, and trauma surgeon, with Wilson N. Jones.

"I think it's a great partnership with the hospital, that will provide and can see the importance of providing equipment like this that is lifesaving," said Chief Barnes.

On Thursday, a trauma surgeon was on hand to teach officers how to properly use the items in the kit, including a tourniquet and quick clot gauze, items meant to stop bleeding in case an officer is shot or stabbed in the extremities (exposed areas like the leg and arms).

"A lot of times, we're the first ones on the scene of an accident, shooting, or stabbing," said Chief Barnes.

While officers are usually well-equipped with a bullet proof vest, their arms and legs are uncovered, leaving them vulnerable in those areas.

"While police officers have great body armor, some are often lost, after being shot in extremities," said Dr. Schrank.

During critical moments, where every second counts, officers will now be better prepared thanks to these devices, helping them in worst case scenarios.

"These kits aren't just for officer safety; it's also for the community," said Chief Barnes.

Each kit costs about $100 each and will be kept in seven of the Van Alstyne Police vehicles, and thanks to Wilson N. Jones generosity, the department was actually able to purchase extra tourniquets.

"We’ve taken it step further and purchased equipment officers can carry in case they're out in the field and can't get back to their car," said Chief Barnes.

Surgeons with the hospital say they decided to donate these kits because they wanted to give back to the community, and giving to officers was the best way to do so.

"This is something that can save lives, and we just want to show appreciation that they deserve," said Dr. Schrank.

Wilson N. Jones plans on donating more of these life saving kits to the Denison Police Department next month.