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Achille Police Chief Fired for Alleged Misconduct While On Duty


ACHILLE, OK -- Achille Police Chief, Tony Porter has been fired after being suspended earlier this week pending an internal investigation by the city.

Mayor, David Northcutt says it was recently discovered that the police department's radar equipment calibration certificate was outdated.

He says a woman in court for a traffic ticket revealed that dates on the copies of the certification she had requested from the former chief seemed to have been altered.

"Because of such actions, because of such a loss to the town of Achille, and because of the threat of such liability, this town council feels like it is in its best interest to protect the citizens of Achille at this time to suspend, and terminate the Chief of Police Anthony Porter," said Mayor Northcutt.

During Thursday night's special city council meeting, council members said Porter knowingly mailed the altered documents.

However, they did not know if he was the one who altered them. 

"It’s much better that we have become aware, and were able to fix such problems as this, as opposed to let problems like this exist and not be addressed," said the mayor.

Court documents obtained by KTEN show that Porter sent the tampered certificates over state lines.  

There's no word at this time if he will be prosecuted for federal mail fraud.

The city says other findings from the investigation include porter poorly managing and maintaining evidence in criminal cases.

"We’ve been working with the DA's office to rectify that situation and get any and all evidence that she needs to do her job to her," said Mayor Northcutt.

The city is now working with the Bryan County District Attorney's Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to bring their evidence handling procedures up to state standards and repair the damage Porter may have done.

"It’s not easy to let people go, it's one of the hardest parts in any job, but we're elected to do what's in the best interest of this community, and the town of Achille," said Mayor Northcutt.

The city is now taking applications for anyone interested in applying for the chief of police position in Achille. 

In the meantime, Officer Jonathan Kelley will take over as interim chief.

The city says all radar equipment will also be properly calibrated by Friday.