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Semi truck wrecks and catches fire under bridge


ATOKA COUNTY, OK-- A major Texoma highway is now back open after a semi truck caught on fire under a bridge spilling thousands of pickles all over the highway.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol believes one of the semi's tires had a blowout, causing the truck to lose all control.

The accident was a scary scene to drive past-- the driver of the semi amazingly survived. But drivers on both sides of the roadway found themselves in a real pickle.

"It's been unreal, it's been backed up for miles and we have no idea what in the world is in front of us. But it's moving at five miles an hour right now," driver Kenneth Goodlow said.

Spring breakers are on the road traveling to and from their vacations but traffic along highway 69, just outside of Caney, was slow moving.

"We're coming back from San Antonio spring break… want to get home," Goodlow said.

Just before 11 Tuesday morning, a semi truck was heading north on highway 69.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said they believe one of the semi's tires had a blowout causing him to tear through the guardrail and land below a bridge, setting the semi on fire.

"The truck contained a driver and a co-driver. Both were conscious and talking, but both were airlifted to Plano Medical Center," Trooper Steve Nabors said.

The trailer disconnected from the cabin during the crash.  OHP said it skidded across the bridge where it spilled its load, thousands of pickles, across the highway.

Once fire fighters put out the fire it was easy to see just how damaged and burned the semi was.

OHP told us both drivers are lucky to be alive.

"When I first arrived on scene and saw the aftermath of this I didn't expect anybody to be able to survive that, and come to find out both driver and co-driver did survive it," Trooper Nabors said.

Drivers said although traffic was a nightmare they're just glad everyone is safe.

"It's a good thing they're doing okay, hate to see anyone really hurt," driver Michael Blohm said.

OHP said it doesn't appear either man has life-threatening injuries.

No one else was injured during the wreck, but it did take several hours for emergency officials to clear the scene.