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Texoma Fire Department Trains For Search And Rescue


TIOGA TX- It's anyone's worst nightmare when a child or loved one goes missing. That's why when it comes to finding them, everyone works to bring them back home.

"Every minute counts," said Tioga Fire Cpt. Richard Hartman.

In Tioga a mock search and rescue was set up with their volunteer fire department and a volunteer search and rescue team.

"We have a 9 year old boy that went missing, which is a very typical scenario for us to use, so we are going to see if we can find him," said Chris Holmbert.

After a briefing on what the crew needs to know on the missing person they are sent out with search dogs who track down their scent. Every couple of months Mark 9 does their training in Tioga due to the diversity of the landscape.

"We have the lake on,  we have water on three sides of us, we have a bunch of open fields wooded areas for hunting, core land," said Hartman.

The training not only benefits the volunteers of Mark 9 who train somewhere every weekend, but it's helping out crews here in Tioga.

"Any information we can get training wise to better help our community is what we're all about," said Hartman.

Ensuring those in the department are prepared and there to help is what this fire captain says he wants others in the community to know.

"That's just what the volunteer organizations are about, just helping the community in any way we can," said Hartman.

Those interested in volunteering  can check out their website here.