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School Choice Week Highlights Parent's Right To Choose


KINGSTON, OK --  "Yeah, very good sister."

Cheyenne Anderson decided to home school her children a few years ago...

"My son was having difficulty in school, and I started looking into private schools, charter schools which we don't have any down here, and I kept finding different websites about homeschooling."

Homeschooling is just one of the many educational options available to parent's searching for the best fit for their child.

"Parents know their children the best...they do."

National School Choice Week aims to let parents know all of the options available. Even some that families may think they financially can't attend, such as private school.

"Home school, or private school, or whatever kind of school they can find for their child, you know they are going to know which one to choose. They're going to know their child the best."

In the state of Oklahoma scholarships are available for students to attend private schools at a lower cost. 

Homeschooling is another option parents can choose for their children to learn in a more student led environment.

"The child can say hey I don't want to learn about that can we chose this chapter, this week, or mom can I read this book because this one doesn't look very interesting!"

The mission isn't to discriminate against public schools...yet allowing parents to have the ultimate say in how their children can best receive their education. 

A representative for Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said,

"Superintendent Hofmeister supports school choice. But her commitment to school choice also means working to make the neighborhood school, the school of choice for parents."


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