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Late Night Fire Destroys Two Local Businesses


TISHOMINGO, OK-- Two Texoma buildings were destroyed Wednesday night in a fire across the street from the Johnston County Courthouse.

14 different agencies arrived on scene, as two local businesses went up in flames.

"It was a huge fire, I mean fire was going 30 to 40 feet up in the air," Fred Wells said. 

EMS director Kenny Power says it happened around 11:00 on Main Street in Tishomingo Wednesday night.

Investigators believe the fire started in a vacant building being renovated, and spread to the Legacy Pride and Designs Screen Printing shop in between the Chickasaw Bank Museum and Dairy Queen.

"Nobody was injured on scene," Power said. 

He says multiple fire departments battled the flames for more than two hours and were on scene over night...  

"This could have very well been a whole block destruction, everybody got on top of it, took care of business and its just unfortunate that we lost the two," he said. 

Nacho Mamas, Latte Da Coffee shop, and Dairy Queen all received some smoke damage but should remain open.   

Although both businesses are a total loss, owners we talked to say they do plan to rebuild.

The museum curator has accessed there was fire and smoke damage to the second floor, but, no historical items were damaged or destroyed.

"That museum has been there forever, so that was good there wasn't a lot of damage there," Jimmy Yochum said. 

Witnesses tell us, a quick response time and firefighters persistence... made all the difference.

"I mean it's a tragic loss for the community but they saved the restaurants that were next to it, the historical building that's right there, they were able to do a great deal of good," Wade Boyd said. 

They say, it's only a matter of time before Main Street is back on it's feet.

"I was more concerned about the job losses in a little town like this, because you know that can be devastating for a community," Wells said. 

At this time, the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal believes it was an accidental fire, the cause has not yet been determined.