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Holiday Traveling Brings Low Gas Prices


The Starbucks lines are getting longer and gas stations are packed with cars, which can only mean one thing holiday travelers.

"That’s good not having to pay so much for gas."

According to A-A-A this year's Christmas gas prices are the lowest they've been in 5 years giving holiday travelers a little more money to spend on presents instead of at the pump.

"Probably put more money in your pocket."

Gas Buddy reports with at least 66% of travelers driving around 200 miles round trip this week they are expected to save 1.6 billion dollars at the pump. But some Texoman’s say there are ups and downs to low prices.

"It’s tough on the economy and is probably going to come around to bite us but I think it's good because it's easy on the pocket book now."

To make the gas prices even lower Scott Peters says they are choosing a fuel efficient car instead of taking a larger vehicle.

"The dogs are at the kennel so we won’t be using the truck, we are taking the Prius. That is something we do to keep the cost low."

And with the holiday weather being nice this year Gas Buddy reports that over 5 percent of Americans are choosing to drive to Grandma’s house instead of flying, making for a very packed roadway.

"We’re going to Memphis, Tulsa and then back to Sherman."

So as you pack into your car and get ready to hit the road be ready to spend less than 2 dollars at the pump and save the rest for some Christmas Presents for all of your loved ones.