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Two Officers Resign In Colbert Including Police Chief


COLBERT, OK-  One Texoma town is without a police chief tonight after their former chief turned in his badge last night.

Former Colbert police chief, Jeff Goerke tells me council members asked him to step down during Monday night's meeting.

"I was shocked," said Goerke.

After serving as Colbert's chief of police for almost three years, Jeff Goerke says he was stunned when he was asked to turn in his badge Monday night, but he say the council's decision to ask him to leave wasn't made overnight.

"It's a totality thing that's been going on for the last few months," said Goerke.

Goerke admits complaints from residents about him have been piling up.. Mostly because he's not always in the office when calls come in, but some people understand saying he was being asked to do the job of two people.

"People complained he's not out answering the phone when he's supposed to, but how can you when you're working 24 hours a day practically," said Maxine Wylie.

The former chief had answers to those complaints and believed it would all be discussed during the meeting, but he says that never happened.

"We had a discussion, we don't agree on how the department needs to be run and my vision for the department versus their vision of how they want the city to be policed," said Goerke.

Which is why he says he resigned. City officials weren't available to speak on camera Tuesday, but say the decision has nothing to do with the city's recent officer involved shooting that killed Chris Nichols. Nichols loved ones disagree.

"My guess is that he did. The town's very upset, Christopher was very well loved here," said Denise Nichols.

Wylie says Goerke was the right man for the job.

"Things were better about drug dealing that was going here at the park, he has done some good things," said Wylie.

For the former chief it's now time to figure out his next step.

"I'm going to take some time and figure it out, I'm going to look at my options, and make a decision at some point," said Goerke.

City officials say  now they are down to only reserve officers in Colbert which means there are no full time officers on duty. Bryan County Sheriffs Office will lend a hand.