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Trout Fishing Season Begins at Turner Falls


DAVIS, OK--  As it's a little too cold to throw on your swimsuit and jump in, park managers say this weather is perfect for trout fishing and the season has just begun.

You don't need a boat and motor or expensive tackle.. just a box of hooks, some night crawlers, and a sturdy fishing pole..

"Compared to bass fishing, you know these are smaller fish usually, but they really fight a lot they really fight hard," Steve Johnston said. 

Turner Falls Park Rangers say trout are not native to Oklahoma, but they've stocked their fishing areas with them for those who have an Oklahoma fishing license.

"It should be a totally new experience for trout fisherman, fishing in new parts of the stream" Park Manager Bill Standifer said. 

After having to close down multiple times throughout the year due to flooding in Davis... and losing thousands of dollars in May, the park is getting back on it's feet.

"All we could do back when we had the floods was just kind of patch it where we could use it to keep it open for the summer, and this winter hopefully we'll get all the construction done," Standifer said. 

The main entrance to the park is still blocked due to construction from the damage, so hikers, fisherman and campers are being brought in through the exit.

"Don't wanna go fishing in this water right now but there's plenty of hiking, fishing, cabins..." Roger Adams said

There is a $15 fishing fee which includes entrance to Turner Falls.

And we are told there are plenty of fish to go around..

They say the trout fishing season will last until March