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UPDATE: Durant High School Threat Suspect Arrested


DURANT, OK – There is new information in connection with last week’s threat against students and staff at Durant High School.

The juvenile that police say threatened to shoot dozens of people on campus was taken into Durant Police custody through a judges order Monday morning, and transported to the juvenile detention center by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office. 

Parents and students at Durant High School were on high alert late last week after police say a student made online threats to shoot dozens of students and staff members.

"It’s always scary when a situation like that happens," said concerned parent, Tom Hunt.

Hunt’s daughter is a junior at the school, he says while his initial reaction was to panic, after learning the incident was being handled by both Durant police and the school district he calmed down.

And while he doesn't condone the teen's actions, he believes the student wouldn't have taken such drastic measures without a reason.

"I don't agree with what he did, but there is always something behind it," said Hunt.

Durant ISD Superintendent, Duane Meredith says when the school first learned about the situation Wednesday night, they immediately went into action.

"We assisted the police, and were there until late in the evening to make sure everything was in place," said Meredith.  

Meredith says thanks to a joint effort with the Durant police department, the scary situation was quickly placed under control.

"The Durant Police Department did a tremendous job," he said.

But the district has not solely received praises for a job well done in preventing a tragic situation from unfolding, they've received some criticism from parents who are upset the school didn't directly alert them about the incident, including parent Lorelei Scott.

"Just to know that it happened here, at my kid’s school, yeah it was kind of scary," said Scott.

However, Meredith says and students and staff members were in no danger at any time.

"The events that are under investigation took place outside of the school day," he said.

And because this is an ongoing investigation, headed by Durant Police, Meredith says the district is limited in the information they can release.   

"I have to let them do their jobs, and they do it well," said Meredith.

All parents do agree however they're glad no was injured, and the situation was quickly handled.

"I’m glad it didn't go as far as it could have, and nobody was hurt," said Scott.

Police say no other parties were involved, and the motive or reasoning behind this incident is still being investigated.