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Austin College Makes Top 10 School In Texas


Austin College Senior Nicole Collier says she loves her university.

"I always knew this school was special."

And Collier isn't the only one that thinks her college is special. In an annual ranking by U.S.A Today Austin college was listed as one of the top 10 schools in Texas giving students a chance to brag on their school.

"My favorite thing about the college is how the faculty really roots for you and how you’re not just a number here."

With a student body of less than 15,000 the Dean of Admissions says students have a better chance to have a personal relationship with each faculty member. He says that's something most of colleges in Texas.

"We have a wonderful focus on international studies and international relations; we send students abroad with nearly 75 percent of our students will have an international experience by the time they graduate which is usually one of the highest percentages in the nation."

And Austin College makes a big impact on more than just its student. City officials in Sherman say the school brings in close to a million dollars the community each year.

"Students coming in and going to the restaurants and spending money in our community that always helps the economy."