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Body found in Antlers


PUSHMATAHA COUNTY, OK—The Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Office believes there may be a break in the case of a Texoma woman who's been missing for almost three months.

Pushmataha County Sheriff, Terry Duncan, said the woman's truck was found today with a body inside.

Ducan said workers for a private contractor found a truck Tuesday morning off of highway 3 near Ethel Road down the embankment of Beaver Creek while they were doing survey work for ODOT. Inside was the body of a woman.

"There's been multiple people in this county looking for her. Sheriff’s office, highway patrol, game warden, fire department, multiple civilians, people that knew her. She was well-respected and well-loved in this community. And she’ll be missed,” Ducan said.

So far, the body has not been identified. But investigators said the green dodge truck is registered to 61-year-old Barbara Gunter. Crews pulled it out of the overgrown roadside where it was found.

Gunter has been missing since July when she was last seen at the hospital in Antlers. Friends said she had recently had a stroke.

"I know she had been sick for a while and I hate it for her family. Prayers go out to her family," Beth Gann said.

Beth Gann lives across the road from where the truck was found. She said she's surprised it wasn't found sooner since the area has been searched before.

"There's been two wrecks over there right near the same spot and nobody picked her up at that time. I know there was one wreck over there and we was everywhere over there and no body found her," Gann said.

Troopers said the body has been sent to the medical examiner’s office to determine who the woman is and how she died.

There's no word on how long it will take the medical examiner’s office to identify the body.