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2015 Season Preview: Plainview Indians


ARDMORE, OK - "Every game is about attitude and effort", said senior wide receiver, Kameron Spencer.

The Plainview Indians ended last season with a losing 5-7 record. So, they are ready excited to get back on the field and work.

"High intensity, practice everyday. That is how we are going to get the most out of every day. Intense and enthusiasm and giving good effort every day, that is how we are going to do it. Well we have a lot of good leaders in our upperclassmen, so that is really going to help on the field and off," said senior left guard, Dylan Marr.

"I am really pumped. I am just ready for the season to be here, September 4th I believe is our first game, Singer. I just cannot wait to be out under the Friday night lights again," said Spencer.

On the sidelines, the Indians will have familiar face, Coach Joe Price, leading this years squad towards success. 

"It's just nice to be out here. We have been out here all summer, working out and doing those things. So, it is nice to be out here and 
all that hard work gets to pay off when you are out here on the field," said head coach, Joe Price. 

"Coach Price, all our new coaches we recently got all have great attitudes and are really enthusiastic. They are really upbeat, and get us hyped up while we are working hard, so that helps," said Marr.

"We got a lot of new coaches, I love them all. They are all enthusiastic and they are just great to be around," Spencer said. 

With new season and new leadership, Plainview will be shaped into a winning Indians team. 

 "It starts by coming to practice with a great attitude, everyone giving their absolute effort, each down and each play. And allowing that to transform into the games," reiterated Spencer.

"You want to go into your non-district stuff and come out of those getting better every week," said Coach Price.

"It starts with winning the day. And our bigger goals are winning districts and then go for it all. We want to win state," Marr said.