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2015 Season Preview: Thackerville Wildcats


THACKERVILLE, OK - "Getting ready for this season and getting ready to rock," Thackerville junior running back/linebacker, Ethan Wilson asserted about the upcoming season.

The Thackerville Wildcats are coming off an 8-4 season, but they are ready to perform at a higher level this season.

"We plan on taking some pretty major steps this year. Last year we were a pretty young team. Everyone has matured a lot more, and I think we will take a lot bigger step this year," Wilson said.

"It's finally football season which is nice, but yesterday was the last first day I will ever be out here for two-a-days so, it is kind of emotional and kind of exciting at the same time," said senior quarterback, Justice Buckaloo.

For the first time since 2005, the Wildcats are under new direction, head coach Brad Budish has already made a clear impact on the team.

"He keeps us motivated in the weight room. Keeps telling us everyone else is out there working and that gets us pumping blood into us," said Wilson . 

"He is a cool guy, he come out here every day just like us in the hot sun. He pushes us, and works us hard and runs us half to death, but we know it will pay off," Buckaloo said.

"Our goal this year is to get better. Better at blocking, better tacklers, knowing our assignments, our alignments and getting better each down," said Coach Brad Budish.

Thackerville has made it to the post season for three straight seasons, but they are determined to make a deep run this year.

"I want to make it past quarterfinals. We have made it to the quarterfinals last three years and I just want to get past quarterfinals," said Buckaloo.

"We want to get better each day. We have to win each day. We have to win each down. We have to win each minute. That is what is going to make us better," said Coach Budish.