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2015 Season Preview: Ardmore Tigers


ARDMORE, OK - The seniors on the Adrmore football team are prepared to give it their all this season. 

"I just want to come out strong because it is my last, ever, two-a-days in high school. So, I am going to have to give it my all" said senior running back, O.J. Walker. 

"I am looking forward to getting this day over with. But we are going to make the best of every rep we can, because as a senior you only have so many left. You have to get the best out of those underclassmen because they are going to carry you if they are on the field just as much as those seniors are. You have to take ownership in that," said senior quarterback, Clay Atwood. 

"We have another good senior class that I like. I like the chemistry in the locker room, they are good kids and competitors," said head coach, Josh Newby.

After sixteen years, Coach Newby leaves his role as the Tigers defensive coordinator to take the lead as head coach. His approach, keep his team grounded. 

"We want to become a better person by playing this game. We want to compete at a high level every time we get a chance. Because you are only guaranteed ten in high school football, and you have to earn the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth games," Coach Newby stated.

"He's a great leader, he's been there. He has lost those big time games. It is good to have that experience. he is the hardest working man I have ever met. It really helps to have him out here every day, guiding us to where we need to go," said Atwood.

The Tigers lost in the 5A state semifinals to Skiatook and they are determined to keep that from happening again. 

"We are going to look back and look at the mistakes that we made in the semi-final game that we lost, and just try to work on it to get better. A lot of the mistakes that were made never happened throughout the season," Walker said.. 

"We came out there and we didn't turn the ball over in thirteen games and we had five in one. So, we need to clean that up, because that is what is going to take to play week fourteen," reiterated Atwood.

"Well it always creates excitement in your program when you go far into the playoffs. And hopefully, like you said, we can build on that and hopefully take it to the next level. But like I said, you've go to earn it every year," said Coach Newby.