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2015 Season Preview: Denison Yellow Jackets


DENISON, TX -- Suiting up for a new season means shedding last season's bad habits and sporting a new attitude.

"Last year we didn't really work as a team, we worked individually. That's why it didn't go. Maybe if we worked as a team, get some leaders, people step up then maybe we can out and win some more games," senior Jeremiah Heath said.

"This year we are coming close as a team, starting to play more together, we're brothers, we're family, you know it takes a family to win," senior Elliot Patterson added.

This Denison team is not only talented and driven but they are also brothers, working toward the common good of the family.

" I think over the off season we took a step back and refocused everyone, started to gel a little better and bond in certain ways. As coach Rogers and the rest of the coaches really just started getting a more family aspect into it," senior Patrick Aspell said.

"Team chemistry is that ingredient that people don't, it's like baking a cake without putting sugar in it, just not going to taste the same. Team chemistry helps you win ball games on Friday night," Rogers added.

The players attribute their success to Rogers and his staff.

"Coaches talk, we really do have something special here. We really do have a lot of athletes out there and guys that can really help and support the team. A lot of them are like second, third and fourth dads to me," Aspell said.

"They are wonderful. I love each and every coach that we have. Coach Rogers, he has a huge impact on us. Our community, everyone around, everyone just loves him," Patterson said. 

The plan, as always in Denison, is to leave it all out on the field in hopes of duplicating the success of the 1984 state championship team.

"That drive to know it's our last year, man it's what we've worked all our lives for," Heath said. 

"There is possibility of playing sixteen games. We do 16 push-ups, 16 sit-ups, because that's your dream, that's your ultimate goal is to win a 16 ball games. It's been done here before. In Denison, Texas, that's always your goal," Rogers concluded.