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Football is back in Oklahoma


TEXOMA -- Finally after watching all the area's Texas teams take the field last week, our Oklahoma clubs are back on the gridiron.

"It never changes. That first night before two-a-days it's hard to sleep, you're kind of restless, you know, but you look forward to getting out here with the kids and  you're out here on the grass and it just turns into one of those things where you're in your element if you've done this as long as I have," Dickson head coach Bill Green said.

So many storylines across southeast Oklahoma including heavyweights like Kingston hoping to make a state title run.

"Expectations are high, we're excited to be out here you know the first day of practice is always a great day and our kids are excited to be here," Kingston head coach John Caraway added.

Several teams will have new head coaches including Green at Dickson and Randy Matthews at Durant.

"Oh it's a great deal. We've got a great group of young men that are excited to get out here and work and get ready for an outstanding football season," Matthews said.

As far as the Class of 2016 goes, they're wrapping up their last first and triggering all sorts of feelings.

"It's kind of emotional because it's the last time out here with your buddies for showing up and not seeing them all summer is kind of an emotional thing," Kingston senior Paden Hayes said.

"It's bitter in the fact that it's the last time we'll get to do this on this field. But it's a sweet fact in that we just get to grow up with all these guys I've been here with and we just finally get to put it out on the field one last time and we're just kind of the big dogs now," Madill senior Micah Cooper concluded.