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Area Texas football teams open up fall camp

GRAYSON CO., TX - “I think we are all ready to come back and prove to people, and be better,” said Stratton Carroll, Howe High School running back.
Friday night lights shine brightest in Texas, and two-a-days marks the beginning of a new season and some new teams.
“Some kids haven’t been out here for a while so coming out here, I just want to encourage them, so they know where to go and where to be, to be a successful team.” Jake Dyer, Senior wide receiver, Whitesboro High School.
“We just want to start getting better as a team. Obviously we have had a bunch of coaching changes. In a new environment for us, we are accepting the new coach as well. We are going to try and make it work. Come out here and give it all I’ve got and help my teammates, help lead them into the future and make this the best season we can. “ Klatyton Hedges, Senior Lineman. S&S High school.
There new team members on the field, but the schools will face the same familiar opponents. And all of the coaches know the challenges that lie ahead.
“This district is brutal. There are going to be two good teams who stay at home, again this year, and hopefully that is not us,” said Whitesboro head football coach, Eddie Gill.
“We have expectations. Without that you are fighting a hard fight. But at the same time we are not overlooking anyone in our district.” Zack Hudson, Howe head football coach.
“I think we are hungry. We worked hard. We are happy with the commitment. A great number of guys came out, over seventy guys, who come on out for a 2A school. We are excited to get out there and do some big things.” Bells head coach, Scott Ponder.
Game prep starts right now. Each team has goal in common. A state championship.