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2 Year Anniversary of Missing Molly Miller and Colt Haynes


CARTER COUNTY, OK-- 2 years after a Wilson teenager and her friend disappeared under mysterious circumstances, the two still haven't been found.

Molly Miller and Colt Haynes were last seen by their families in July of 2013.

State and local law enforcement agencies have followed up on thousands of leads with no luck.       

Family members of Molly say.. after waiting all this time..  hopes of finding her alive have diminished, and some, believe she was murdered.

"It's just about unbearable, you know, it's a heavy, heavy weight to carry," Alex Miller, Molly's Grandfather, said. 

Molly was just 17 when the pair went missing, she's still listed on the National Center for missing and exploited children.

 Authorities say Conn Nipp was the last person to be seen with Miller and Haynes.  

He was arrested for running from police while they were in his car.

He's currently serving 3 separate 10-year prison terms for the chase -- but he has not been charged in connection with their disappearance.

"Until somebody comes forward and gives up what happened, we're just in limbo," Alex said. 

 He says without closure, there is no escape from the painful wondering, of what truly happened. 

"We're just like on a tight rope, right out in the middle between the grand canyon and you don't know which way you're gonna fall off the rope," he said. 

Both families hope they don't have to turn another page on their calender, now making 730 days without a trace.

"I've shed many tears, and now I'm saving them for finding her," Alex said.

There has been an active Facebook page throughout these two years called Operation Find Molly Miller: