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July Fourth plans change for some as lake levels remain high


LAKE TEXOMA-- The July Fourth weekend is getting closer and closer, and while people in Texoma said their freedom is the true reason for celebration, this year’s flooding has changed up some of their plans.

Several campsites are still flooded out at Lake Texoma, unlike Lake Murray where almost all their campsites are booked up for the weekend.

"Usually go to the American Legion. Campout there, but it’s all under water," Dennis Brigham said.


As water stopped trickling over the spillway Wednesday, that chance of drying out couldn't be said for flooded campgrounds.

"We are still 21-foot-high for this time of the year. Normal elevation is 619,” Army Corps of Engineers B.J. Parkey said.

Several campsites at Lake Texoma will be closed this coming weekend. Those include East and West Burns Run, Platter Flats, Lakeside, Johnson Creek, Caney Creek, Juniper East, Preston Bend, and the spillway boat ramp.

"It’s going to be next year until you can camp in West Burns Run on the Oklahoma side, where we normally go," Joe Lester said.

While many sites like West Burns Run are underwater, some families aren't letting it ruin their holiday.

They'll spend the Fourth closer to the Denison Dam.

"We set up a little pop-up pool for the kids, so that they could swim because they can't swim in the lake," Melissa Garcia said.

Others said their fun times won't be on the lake.

"Family come up and we got some friends, probably about 15 to 20 people. Shoot some fireworks off and have some Bar-B-Que," Brigham said.

"We're going to go to a friend of ours in Oklahoma for a picnic, and then we'll probably watch fireworks in Sherman," Michael Williams said.

But if you head north managers at Lake Murray are planning for a busy Fourth on the lake.

Park Manager, Carol Conrad, said their entire park is open, and their RV camping sites are already full. She adds tent sites are also filling up fast.

Lake officials said the road known as "Spillway Road" at Lake Murray is now open. They encourage people who plan to make it out to any lake to always wear their life jackets on the water.