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Lake Texoma Marina Recovery

POTTSBORO-- As water levels continue to drop, a popular Texoma marina is ramping up it's recovery efforts.
High Port Marina is now offering a shuttle service to help members get out to their boats.   Owners were busy checking their vessels for any signs of damage that may have been left behind by the floods.

"Everything's fine, the guys are taking care of all the boats. They are moving the marinas around and straitening everything up," Boat owner Johnny Posey said.
You can now see the sign to the Island Restaurant and the water is slowly revealing the bottom floor of the main building. This years water levels exceeded the flood from 2007 and caused a lot of damage to buildings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The majority of their electrical structures are still in a mess, but General Manager Brian Keelan says all is not lost.

"we don't have any issues with any of the boats even in all the houses that broke lose, the boats are in great shape we suffered no significant damage to any of the boats," Keelan said.

Keelan says from here all they can do is fix what they can and wait for the rest of the water to go down so they can open up their offices and restaurants again. The army corps of engineers says that the spillway is running over by only a foot now and without any additional rainfall the runoff will be over by next week.