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Sandbass Festival Underway In Texoma

MADILL, OK -- One of the best parts of a Texoma summer is the Sandbass Festival.

The event kicked off Monday morning with several food vendors.

The arts and crafts section of the festival opened up Monday afternoon along with the carnival.  

And in case you missed it, the King Sandy Talent Contest was Monday night as well.  But fear not, there will be a musical performance on stage every night of the festival.

"I have heard so many excited people about Blackhawk, and Jaime Lynn Spears.  She's going to be good," said Sandbass Committee member Molly Raley.  "She's like an up and coming country artist, so I think she's going to put on a good show, and I'm super excited for Saturday, because James Otto, I love him, so I'm really looking forward to that show."

The festival will continue the rest of the week in Downtown Madill.