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"Weaver Strong" Texoma School Rallies For Principal Battling Cancer

WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- A Texoma principal recently told his student body about his battle with cancer. The response he got blew him away.

“He's been optimistic, you know he just leads by example,” said Whitewright Girls Basketball Coach, Doug Hunt. “That's just Kevin Weaver."

Kevin Weaver had been the Principal at Whitewright High School for only two months when he was told that his rare form of cancer had returned.

"In September they found another tumor,” Weaver said, “and realized it was chapter third I guess of this new journey."

He was first diagnosed in 2008. He says life went from working with children and running marathons to being a cancer survivor.

"You do count your moments and you do count your days,” said Chris Weaver, Kevin's wife, who also works at the school. “You realize how precious they are."

Kevin's wife Chris has been by his side fighting since day one of this journey. And now, they say they're not alone.

"Whitewright is a unique family,” Kevin said, “and this family has embraced me."

Weaver says he wanted to be open with his students from the beginning. He broke the news in an assembly.

"Sometimes it's easier to teach to the reading and writing and the math and you don't to get into the personal stuff and real quickly I wanted the kids to see,” he said.

He thought he was teaching them a lesson. How they responded to that lesson, blew him away.

"You see up and down the halls everyone is wearing them,” said Tori Perkins, a senior, “supporting the principal they love."

"Weaver strong". Girls in the basketball program designed a t-shirt with the mantra on the back and one of Weaver's mottos on the front, “hold fast”.  

"I've never seen someone so in love with their job before and it's really an inspiration," said Anna Schope, a senior.

"It's really cool to watch him as a person," said Madi Williams, another senior.

"It's been powerful, it's really been powerful,” Kevin said. “Well I started off thinking this is something I'd do to help the kids' turns. But they've helped me so much."

Weaver says he gets texts of encouragement every day from students and during the times he's in the hospital, he skypes with them. Everyone at Whitewright High School says this journey is nowhere near over.