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Mystery Boom Shakes Up Carter County Residents

CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Texomans in Carter County are trying to find the source of a mystery boom that surprised many as they started their work week.

"It was loud it scared me," said Kassidy Parrot. "I jumped."

Kassidy Parrott was just about to walk into her dentist's office in Healdton when she heard it.

"I got out of my car and all of the sudden there was this huge like, not even a bang more like maybe like a bomb went off," said Parrott.

But the mystery noise wasn't just heard in western Carter County.

Nearly 25 miles away, people in a neighborhood just west of Ardmore heard it too.

"It rattled the house," said Deidre Miller.

"I was kinda scared thinking, 'Is somebody breaking in?'" said Traci Chronister. "It was kind of weird because my dogs were going off." 

Firefighters in Ardmore say it even shook their station on Rockford road.

"We all kinda looked at each other and wondered what it was," said Captain Chad Mansfield.

Mansfield says the boom he heard Monday morning was the loudest he's heard since joining the department 13 years ago.

"I've heard several small ones before," said Mansfield. "This seemed a lot louder. Like I said it did shake the station a little bit."

As to what might of caused the big boom, there are varying theories.

"The construction down there that's what I figured it was after I saw nothing was unusual," said Chronister. 

"I thought it might've been an earthquake but I wasn't for sure," said Miller.

"I didn't know if maybe it was something to do on an oil rig or something," said Parrott.

Seismologists with the Oklahoma Geological Survey say the boom may have been a sonic event.

But without a definitive answer, everyone feels like they're in the same boat.

"Just as curious as everybody else," said Mansfield.

"Scared the living daylights out of me," said Parrott.