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Texoma woman says vicious dog is terrorizing her neighborhood

BRYAN COUNTY -- A Texoma woman attacked by a dog this week will have to live with what happened for the rest of her life.

The attack left her with cuts, bruises and a gash in her arm down to the bone.

Leona Kirby, 41, says she was riding her bike down a trail near her Cartwright home Monday afternoon when a red-nosed pitbull ran towards her.

"I got off the bike and I was trying to put the bike between me and the dog because this dog is vicious," Kirby said.

The dog, named Chocko, lives at a home along the trail. Kirby says it latched onto her left forearm then pinned her to the ground. She says she used her right fist to fend off the animal until help arrived.

"I thought he was going to kill me. I thought he was going to kill me because he was going for my throat," Kirby said.

Kirby ended up with five stitches, and several cuts and bruises. Her boyfriend, David Peebles, says he's been bitten by the dog too. If fact, Kirby has kept a list of each time she says Chocko has attacked.

"He broke my hand and I spent seven days in a TMC hospital, two reconstructive surgeries on my right hand and it still don't work right," Peebles said.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office says deputies have been called out at least twice.

The dog's owner has been ordered to keep the animal quarantined inside her home for 10 days. But when it comes to criminal charges, the Sheriff says there's not much they can do since there aren't any leash laws in Oklahoma or Bryan County.

When we stopped by the home Thursday, the dog owner's son said the pitbull is protecting his territory.

"Sometimes people are careless, accidents happen, the majority of them was just people being careless," he said.

Kirby says serious injuries shouldn't be the result of a run-in with the wrong dog.

"This dog is attacking people. I mean, it needs to be put down. It really does," Kirby said.

The Sheriff says some of the alleged attacks may not have been reported. He says often times, dog bites are not reported but that it's important to do because it establishes a pattern of violent behavior.

The Sheriff says Kirby's report has been handed to the Bryan County District Attorney's Office for possible charges.

A judge can also order the dog be euthanized.