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Fire destroys two boats at Pottsboro marina

POTTSBORO -- Owners of two boats on Lake Texoma are heartbroken after an early morning fire destroyed them both.

Grayson County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton says the 9-1-1 call was made at about 2:15.

One man told us he was sleeping feet away when he heard a noise, saw the flames, then launched the boat he was in to get away. "Quite traumatic," he said. "I heard noises and initially thought it was somebody breaking in but it was a fire."

Cell phone pictures were snapped seconds after the boats caught fire at Flowing Wells Marina in Pottsboro.

Walton says a cruiser cabin caught fire first. The flames spread across a dock to a speed boat being stored on a lift above the water.

"It sustained damage under the hull and then when they dropped it into the water and tried to pull it out, that's why it sank where it did," Walton said.

With a combined estimated value of about $150,000, seeing a burned bow sticking out of the water and their home away from home smoking left owners feeling sick.

"A lot of dollars here," Walton said. "This is a lot of people's savings out here for when they retire. So it's a big loss to somebody when they lose a boat that size."

Two other boats were damaged.

The owners of the cabin cruiser say they'd recently winterized the boat by installing heating devices to keep the motors from freezing and breaking.

"It's just like a house, it can catch fire. There's not a lot of difference and when things go wrong they go wrong bad," Tow Boat U.S. Captain Joe Winner said.

The boat owners say they have insurance.

Monday, marina crews worked to keep a small amount of oil from spreading.

A stream of boat owners stopped by the dock to check for damage. One Denison couple with a slip just feet from the fire left relieved the flames didn't burn their dream boat, too.

"We're happy it's okay 'cause that's our pride and joy," Saundra Webb said.

Walton determined the fire was an accident and says the insurance company will now look into whether it was caused by a mechanical failure.