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Albion Residents Speak Out About Woman Accused Of Keeping 7 Kids In Tents

ALBION, OK -- A woman accused of keeping her kids in tents for months in Pushmataha County remains in a Pennsylvania jail tonight.

KTEN spoke with churchgoers who tried to help after the state seized the kids and one woman who says she was compelled to call DHS.

"She... was impressed with herself. And the kids, they were dirty and ragged," says Elaine Rendon at Bent Can Grocery.

Rendon says Sonia Kubisak, 34, and her 7 kids from ages 7 to 17 came into her store several times, but something just wasn't right.

"And yes I turned her in. I wasn't the only one," says Rendon. "She claimed to be homeschooling them, but they obviously weren't getting education. They were like wild animals running loose."

The OSBI now says the family lived in tents in the woods from around March to August.

"She had told me, yes, and I had been to the area," says Mary Upton, a Trinity Gospel Church member who says she hosted Kubisak for two weeks.

"I know that she was out there on that guy's property camping with him," says church member Sam Hamilton.

A child's Facebook diary "A Child's Veiw" claims to have a picture of part of the campsite, which residents say is between Albion and Tushkahoma.

"People lived in tents before and they were still alive. I mean, they were just fine then," says Tushkahoma resident Mike McCarn.

Agents say they found the camp with used toilet paper, human feces, a makeshift shower, and rotten animal feed.

"Walking down the road a couple of times, I seen I think it was the oldest daughter walking a horse," says associate church pastor John Upton.

Kubisak allegedly admitted to treating the kids head lice with Frontline "Flea and Tick" for dogs, and using cattle wormer.

"They did get ringworm. That's not all that uncommon around here," says Hamilton.

Church members say the mom came here for a few weeks during the summer, and that she was having financial problems and they were trying to help her improve her life.

"We tried to give her a place to stay for a little bit, tried to introduce her to Jesus," says Hamilton.

"She couldn't stay with me and my family forever, so she had nowhere else to go. So, it was my understanding that her mother sent her the money to return," says Mary Upton.

"Right before she left, she did get a job at Pam's Diner, but she ended up going back before she could come up with enough money to get a house," says Hamilton.

Kubisak, a native of Tionesta, Penn., was arrested there on Wednesday and faces 7 child neglect charges. She is being held in the Warren County Jail on a hold from Oklahoma.

"She seemed to be running from somebody," says Rendon.

The OSBI says the kids had various illnesses caused by neglect and malnutrition when a nurse practitioner examined them in July.

They have now been turned over to a full-time guardian.