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The Battle of The Ax - Inside The Rivalry

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX --- The Battle of The Ax between the Sherman Bearcats and the Denison Yellow Jackets is one of the oldest high school football rivalries in the state of Texas.

    The 116th edition of The Battle of The Ax will be played at Munson Stadium on Friday, October 17.

    KTEN asked both the Bearcats and the Yellow Jackets what high school football and this rivalry means to them. Here's what they had to say:

    "Denison football means a lot to me because it just doesn't teach us winning and losing, it teaches us responsibility for our own actions. And not to blame the defense or blame the offense, it teaches us to take responsibility," Denison senior left tackle, Quinton Scally said.

    "Denison football means to me...working hard every day, day in and day out, dominating all four quarters," Denison senior quarterback Devon Blanton said.

    "When I think of Sherman football I think of a huge level of tradition, an outstanding program, great, coaches, hard training," Sherman senior offensive lineman, Aaron Garza said.

    "Sherman football means tradition, it means pride, it means honor. It means hard work, it means blood, sweat, tears. It means brotherhood," Sherman senior linebacker, Noah Raney said.

It's a rivalry that's more than a century old...between two schools who dislike losing almost as much as they dislike each other.

    "Anytime you think of Sherman, you gotta think of the Battle of the Ax. It's inevitable, Sherman and Denison, it's crazy. When I think of Sherman, I just think of that one game, that one point in time, when I played last year and the year before," Garza explained.

    "The Ax to me means, it might be a little cliché but I'll say it again, tradition. We've had it more often than not. We expect a standard that keeps us having the Ax here in Sherman and whenever we get it back it's going to be a good feeling," Raney said.

    "The Ax to me is like the pride of this town. If the Ax goes, I feel like the pride goes too." Blanton said.

    "Bragging rights, this town, everything, everyone loves the ax and everyone wants to keep it," Scally added.

The 116th edition of The Battle of The Ax kicks-off from Munson Stadium on Friday night at 7:30.