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Austin College football on a hot streak

SHERMAN, TX -- Austin College's campus is a buzz as the 'Roos have won two in a row.

Credit their defense.

They'll hit the road this weekend for the first time in a while to take on Southwestern down in Georgetown.

The 2-2 team was 0-4 at this time last year, but believe it or not, their preparation hasn't changed at all.

"You're going to think I'm just feeding you a line, but our approach this year, this week is going to be the same as last year at this same time because we don't really think about the big picture in our record, we're just thinking about getting better today so that we can be better tomorrow, which makes us better on Saturday. You'd laugh if you literally saw, if we were to tape record the meetings or look at the practice plan from this year to last year it's basically the same thing, identifying issues that need fixed and trying to get them fixed," head coach Loren Dawson said.

They'll kick from Georgetown at 3 p.m.