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Historic Hotel in Durant is Getting a Face Lift


DURANT, OK -- A Texoma hotel with a long history is getting a face lift and bringing old things back to life.

In Downtown Durant, there are many things to do.  Eat, Shop, Live, and now a look at history.  The Bryan Hotel on Main Street is getting a remodel and a renovation.

"Historic Bryan Hotel is nearing a hundred years old," says Durant Mayor Jerry Tomlinson.

The Bryan Hotel will have remodeled  up-to-date apartments upstairs, allowing for families to live close to downtown.

"With our town growing, there is a continual need for housing and for good housing,"  says Main Street Executive Director Tiffany Pierce.

Developers say the renovation and remodel will attract tourism and new business to Main Street.

Mayor Tomlinson went on to say, "It will affect in a positive way I think, the restaurants, the specialty shops, in a several block area in our downtown."

Pierce believes, "if you have people living down here, then you'll have people spending money here."

The project is not only a big deal for the building, but also for the surrounding area.

"Anytime you have a million dollar plus, in this case four million dollar plus construction project, that's pretty significant in itself," said Mayor Tomlinson.

Both the Mayor and the Main Street District believe this is a great thing for Downtown Durant, and the entire city.

Mayor Tomlinson stated, "We understand and realize that our downtown is our heartbeat, or the heartbeat of our community. We want to do everything to be a part of serving that, protecting that, and providing a way for that to continue to be an integral part of our community.  Durant is really excited to have this construction project going on at this time."

 The apartments should be complete within a year, with the downstairs remodel not being far behind.