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Crafty Creations: "Fallishness Fun"


On Good Morning Texoma, Brenda is back with Crafty Creations! This week she has a few fun ideas to make fall fabulous in your home.

EZ Wine Bottle Light

1 empty, clean & dry botthe wine bottle

35ct strand of twinkle lights


Add light strand to your clean and dry wine bottle. Cut a shallow "gutter" in the cork for the wire to exit.  Add the cork, positioning the wire in its gutter.  Use a 100ct strand for a gallon bottle.  This looks great on the kitchen counter or in a set along your walkway, just add an extension cord.  WARNING: boys with BB guns may destroy this craft!


While rearranging the wood pile, I accidentally discovered that the bark from a fire log could pop off. I tried 3, one came off just one sided though.

I made sure there were no bugs first, slipped a vase down the center and added flowers.  Free natural texture for your autumn table or entry area.


My favorite lil' something for the guest bathroom or the kitchen counter corner! These also work above cabinets, find the ones you like and add an 8x10 frame.

"Rule of art - CAN't kills creativity"
        - Camille Paglia

 Brenda Hantsche

Crafty Creations