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Denison Bus Routes Changing After Some Ran Twice To Get All Students Home

DENISON, TX -- A Denison father is outraged after he says kids have been waiting late for buses to run double routes, but the district says it's because there are too many kids.

And there aren't only more students. There's also all the school changes this week including the new high school. Out of about 19 bus routes, the district says a few of them haven't been going according to plan.

"They had no clue where he was at. Didn't, couldn't tell me if he was on a bus. Couldn't tell me anything, so I eventually ended up actually calling the police," says angry parent Brad Reynolds.

Scary moments for this dad when he says his eighth grader with special needs didn't come home the first day of school on Tuesday.

"About 5 o'clock I was waiting for my son to come home -- he's normally home by that time -- and I come to the school," says Reynolds.

He says it turned out his son walked home a mile and a half, even crossing Austin Avenue.

"There are some issues that bother him and not knowing how he's gonna get home is definitely one of them," says Reynolds.

"We knew last spring we were going to be dealing with something we never had dealt with before. We made some plans to address what we thought would happen, didn't make enough plans apparently," says Hatfield.

Now, adjustments are being made to Routes 14, 18, and 19 after there were too many students to fit in the number of seats on the bus.

"We've just got a problem that we miscalculated some of our numbers," says Hatfield.

"Yesterday, my son had called me about 4:45 wanting me to come get him, said he was still waiting for the bus. The bus wasn't here yet. I talked to the teacher that was with them, and she said that there was still 50 kids waiting," says Reynolds.

"We've been having to make double runs and when you have to do that then that puts kids getting home after 5 o'clock," says Hatfield.

At 4:24 p.m., all the kids who were still waiting outside for a bus just got on a bus and they're on their way out.

"Our goal is that every kid ought to be picked up from school by 4:15 and should be home by 5:00 on a normal day," says Hatfield.

The district says the changes being made Thursday are adjusting one route, and adding another at the high school.

Plus, they'll add a second for elementary schools in three or four days, after parents can be notified. Meantime, they're finishing some construction at three schools.

"We just spent 80 million dollars on the school system and  you know they could have at least given us a heads up hey your kids are gonna be late getting home we don"t have the bus routes figured out.

Another parent told me she's upset because kids who live within two miles of their school have to walk and don't have a bus at all unless they would cross a major road.

Meantime, the district hopes to have the routes all fixed next week. If not, they'll make more changes.