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Ada Gym Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Three Boys Hit With Giant Playground Ball

ADA, OK -- An Ada woman was arrested last week after an investigation into claims that she had physically harmed three children in her care.

Police say the Boys and Girls Club employee used a large, 18-inch ball with a handle to hit 3 boys during a morning class this summer. Police say one 9-year-old boy had a cut eye lid and abrasions on his back and over his eye.

"A child came home from school and had some definite lacerations on his face. When his parents saw that, they called the police," says city public information director Lisa Bratcher.

Police say video from the morning of July 31 around 8:30 showed what happened in about a minute: children walking into the gym when a 9-year-old knocked a large Omnikin ball out of the hand of Amanda Bristow, 33, of Ada.

Then, police say it appears she may have hit him but the video is not clear.

Next police say the boy tried to get the ball a second time when Bristow starts hitting him with it, chasing him and knocking him to the ground.

"It was kind of thick so if you put enough hit into it, it could cause some injury, which it did," says Bratcher.

Police say the video shows a second child starts pointing, and Bristow allegedly hits him several times with the ball, then pulls a third boy by the arm and strikes him with enough force to knock him the ground.

Then police say Bristow threw the ball to the other children and walked off, placing her hands on top of her head.

Police say in interviews with staff at the Boys and Girls Club, Bristow admitted she'd lost her temper with the kids that morning. They say she also provided a written statement.

In the letter, police say she apologized to the boys and also advised them that she was done taking their "crap," saying "as a result of this incident, my back is hurting. If still hurts in the morning, I will go to the Dr.," according to court documents.

"She's always been really nice to everybody that i know of," says one parent outside the Boys and Girls Club. "The kids love her!"

"I don't know how true that is. It probably is because of the video, but it's a small temper loss. It's sad because she is a really kind person," says neighbor Evie Jaquess.

Bristow is currently a gym teacher at the Ada Early Childhood Center for pre-K and kindergarten.

"The fact that the school is still allowing her to be around children, I just don't.. I can't comprehend that," says Ada grandparent Adela Austin.

"I've never seen her mistreat any kids and she's willing to take on foster kids, just how many people are willing to do that these days?" says one neighbor.

Bristow was arrested Friday and booked in on child abuse. She's out on $10,000 bond. The case was forwarded to the DA. Police say they can't show us the video because it has children and it's an ongoing investigation. The Boys and Girls Club says she no longer works there.