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New App Designed To Help Keep Track Of Livestock

ARDMORE, OK -- Keeping track of cattle has always been an important and sometimes difficult task for ranchers.

Now, the Noble Foundation in Ardmore has created a new app that might be the greatest invention since the branding iron.

The app was designed for students, but it could eventually help ranchers keep a closer eye on their livestock.

There's a saying among ranchers when it comes to keeping tabs on their livestock.

"The saying is you can't manage what you don't measure," said Bryan Nichols, a livestock consultant with the Noble Foundation.

Livestock consultants at the organization have created and rolled out a new app that was designed to help FFA and 4H students log key pieces of information to raise steers for competition.

"In order to enhance that experience we built a record keeping app," said Nichols.

but experts say, experienced producers might also have a use for it.

The foundation's app functions as an interactive journal. You can make entries for each individual animal and put in useful information like their tag number, weight and health information, and even how much they get fed. Users can go more in depth and actually make entries on each individual animal.

Nichols says the app was designed with cattle in mind.

"But it could very easily be used with any other type of species because really the records on all types of livestock animals that we raise are the same," said Nichols.

Nichols says ranchers would originally use ledger sheets to keep track of information.

But with the Junior Beef Journal, ranchers can upload information instantaneously in the field.

"So I think what this allows you to do is keep those records you always have them there with you," said Nichols. "You know where they are going to be and use that information going into the future."

The app can be downloaded for free and is available for Apple and android devices.

It can be found by searching for "Noble Foundation" in the app store.

So far, Nichols says around 100 people have already downloaded the app.