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"You can't go to the lake and ride around," Texomans Check Out a Mud Park for Labor Day

BOKCHITO -- There's a saying that you're not supposed to wear white after labor day -- but it doesn't matter what you wear at the texoma mud park -- because everyone gets dirty.

For more than twenty years, this one hundred acres in Bokchito held only cows, but it's now transformed into the Texoma Mud Park.

"Some of the people that we know were telling us about other mud parks and I went and checked them out and decided that this area needed one," said owner Randy Holland.

The park north of Highway 70 opened last May, featuring dozens of trails that promise dirt. There's an open ride for labor day. Instead of towing boats, people are towing their toys.

"You can come out here and ride around, and you can't go to the lake and ride around," Jeff Weaver said. "You go to the lake and you've got to sit. You come here and you can get off in the trails. You can get off in the woods." 

The idea is to keep people riding. They're saving the huge mudholes, live music and thousand dollar payouts for their special event next month, but this weekend the campgrounds are open.

"You don't have to worry about the law or anything," Holland said. "You can drink a beer and ride your four wheeler if that's what you like and you don't have to worry about it until you get out on the road. If you have too many to drink you spend the night." 

The mud park can hold three thousand people. But if you're not interested in the party, parents say it's more beneficial for kids than you might think.

"Yeah, they love it," Weaver said, pointing to his four kids. "It puts them to sleep I think." 

Mud parks have been gaining traction in previous years, but owners have a warning for anyone wanting to try it.

"It's very addicting," Angie Sullivan said. "It's one of those things that you try and you're just hooked. We've had multiple people that they come one weekend and they're with a friend and the next weekend they come and they have their own."

They will be open all weekend. Their next big event is the weekend of October 17th. For more information you can log onto their website at texomamudpark.com