Denison Unveils $66 M in Projects: High School, Munson Stadium - - No One Gets You Closer

Denison Unveils $66 M in Projects: High School, Munson Stadium

DENISON, TX -- It was a week delayed, but worth the wait.  Denison's revamped Munson Stadium has finally opened it's doors.

The finishing touches are still underway. After weather delayed the opening for one week.

"Some of the sidewalks and permanent fencing is not in yet," said superintendent Henry Scott.

But when the whistle blows tonight, fans will see the new field, concession stand, press box and more. The six million dollar project is the first major renovation in 75 years.

"I think we got a bargain," Scott said. "I think that six million is well spent. It's a good investment."

That money might even include something for rival Sherman. The mayor joked about installing cameras.

"When you're coming from Sherman you come over the viaduct with all those flags and you see the six million dollar project, we're going to get those facial expressions and then we're going to get some audio from all those people saying "ohhh, shoot," Denison Mayor Jared Johnson told a laughing crowd at the ribbon cutting.

The stadium seats 6,500 people. 2,000 of those seats are already reserved by season ticket holders, but other die-hard fans will fill the remaining seats.

"I have my umbrella here with my yellow jacket on it and I'm planning on coming until I die I guess," lifetime resident Velma Watkins said.

The stadium also attracted young fans like this seven year old -- whose dad brought him to see the spectacle -- he's not old enough to play yet -- but already has tips for the team.

The halls of Denison high school are also full for the first time today, as people toured the new sixty million dollar complex, but students aren't buzzing about their first day Tuesday. Instead, everyone's mind is on Munson.

"I like it," said Denison Junior Jamiah Ballard. "I really do. Hopefully we can get good in sports so that this big school can be more than just a big school."