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Clean Eating - Facts About What We're Really Feeding Our Body


We've heard of going green, organic and clean eating. So, what does all of that really mean? Registered Dietitian Tori Park joined Lisanne on Good Morning Texoma with some advice we should all pay attention to.

Clean eating - what exactly does that mean?

1) Whole Foods (aka God Foods) they grow on trees or from the ground. Ask yourself, "was this food alive?"  Example: There's no such thing as a Dorito tree.

2) No Processed Food (aka Man Food) they contain loads of additives, preservatives, artificial flavors/sweeteners/colors (think chemicals)

3) Organic - free of pesticides/herbicides (look for round green/white USDA Organic Label on the front of all foods). Organic fruits/veggies contain 40% more antioxidants than their conventional 4 counterparts.

4) Non-GMO - GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This means man took a whole food into the lab, and cross bred or altered its DNA in a petri dish. Many common crops in the U.S. are GMO (think roundup built right in to your veggies)  85 - 90% of all U.S. grown/available corn and soy are GMO.

5) Free-Range, Cage Free and Grass-Fed - meats/eggs  "Free range" applies to poultry and means your chicken was allowed to roam as it was intended in open space (not confined). Look for "cage-free" eggs as this means your egg-laying hen was also free-range and vegetarian fed.
 "Grass fed and finished" applies to your beef. This ensures your cattle was fed as it was also intended - allowed to roam freely and eat in the pasture.  Most U.S. cattle are fed a GMO Corn diet to fatten them up for money and you are getting high fat, high chemical as a result.

 Simply put, toxins come from stressors like emotional distress, the environment, processed foods, extra weight and being inactive.  Stress leads to toxic build up which leads to the disease process.  Decreasing stressors/toxins will decrease inflammation which will decrease the disease breeding ground .... creating health!

We want to eliminate these toxins by using fiber, clean eating and drinking plenty of water.

- Tori Park

Registered Dietician