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Denison Man Wanted After Hot Pursuit And Manhunt In Cartwright

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Authorities are still searching for a man they disappeared in the Cartwright area following a hot pursuit through Denison.

The suspect is wanted on two felony charges after police say he assaulted an officer and led them on a chase across state lines last night.

Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden says the manhunt involved about 20 lawmen from two states out searching until dusk last night, even with their helicopter which is on an ongoing loan from the Army.

Police say the man sped from a traffic stop, even with a passenger, and an officer part way in his window.

"The officer was trying to extract Baker from the vehicle because it was determined there was an outstanding warrant on him and the officer was still partially inside the vehicle," says Denison police Lt. Mike Eppler.

That's when police say Eddie Baker Jr., 34, struck Officer Donald Rhodes in the leg as he high tailed it from the 900 block of W. Coffin St. in a red pickup.

"I was in the house on the computer and then there was the sirens and I stepped out and saw a police and a black van coming down running about 50 miles an hour," says witness Weldon Smith.

"There were times when the speeds were, certainly faster than what you'd want to be going," says Eppler.

"I seen what come down there was about 5 or 6 come through here," says witness Willy Steele, who sells produce near the Oklahoma border.

Wednesday's chase wound its way more than 12 miles to Dogwood Lane in Cartwright around 5 p.m.

"He has friends in that area and we checked a lot of different places," says Golden. "There's a lot of barking dogs, so people assumed that he was in this building or that building, and they were checking all those out."

"They went in to the vacant house next door that's on our property and the helicopter was above our house for a good 30 minutes," says witness Crystal Sedal.

Police say one of the women got out here on Coffin St. before the chase even started, but a second passenger was with Baker all the way through to Cartwright. That's where police say he stopped the truck, and then got out and ran.

"I just locked my doors and stayed in the house," says witness Reva Rhodes.

"The dogs barked all night, but they came back through here, they checked that one," says witness Betty Arellano. "We just kept the kids in the house."

Baker's last known address is in the 1300 block of S. Fifth Av. in Denison. Online court records show he has pending misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana out of Grayson and Bryan counties, and a criminal trespass case.

"I've seen that red truck before, over here in this neighborhood I believe," says neighbor Ronald Vaughan.

"This is Denison. I mean, there's people around here that do crazy things," says neighbor Royce Baugh.

Lawmen on both sides of the border are following leads and trying to find Baker.

"The last information we had from Denison is that he had headed south," says Golden, referring to what happened after Baker allegedly ran from the pickup.

"I don't like it. I've got kids, my neighbor's got kids, it's not safe," says Sedal.

"It's just one of them things, you know. People get ignorant," says Rhodes.

Police say the two passengers will not be charged, but Baker is facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant, and evading arrest or detention with a motor vehicle.