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Denison Animal Welfare Group - Save a Life Give a Trailer


The City of Denison has partnered with the Denison Animal Welfare Group with the goal of obtaining a MUCH needed Adoption Trailer for the animals. This adoption trailer will allow them to be mobile and will protect animals from the weather. It will also allow them to adopt out the cats. This campaign will allow citizens to contribute, giving back to their community and saving the lives of local pound puppies and kitties.

If each Denison animal-lover donated only $5.00 to this cause they would have $10K towards our goal. Come on, step up, and be a partner in improving your community today. It only takes a second, but saves a lifetime of caring pet relationships.

All donations by check can be made payable to the City of Denison. You may send those to: 
City of Denison - City Hall 
c/o Save a Life. Give a Trailer.
500 W. Chestnut St. 
Denison, Texas 75020

Cash donations may be made at any  DAWGs Adoption Event at Morton St. Animal Hospital. 

The Denison Animal Welfare Group is a nonprofit charity organization committed to raising awareness within the community regarding the plight and availability of homeless animals at the Denison pound and to facilitating their adoption into suitable, permanent homes where they will receive the care and attention they deserve.  For more information, contact Natalie Hulsey at