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Chickasaw Towers To Be Taken Down

ARDMORE, OK -- A landmark in Ardmore that has stood for more than 40 years has been selected for destruction.
But some are wondering, just how will the Chickasaw Towers come down?
Built in 1973, the Chickasaw Towers helped the city of Ardmore meet the need for low-income housing for nearly 40 years.
"It's served it's purpose," said Lisa Proctor, manager of The Bookseller. "We need it down. It can be, something much better in that place I'm sure."
In some instances, the towers have done even more than that.
"You can see the towers from every direction it's always been a way of direction here in Ardmore," said Jim Jensen, owner of a popular restaurant next to the towers.
Even the mayor of Ardmore says it's time for the structure to go.
"I'm glad to see them torn down because they weren't that well constructed in the first place and just been laying vacant there and kind of an eyesore to the community," said Martin Dyer.
While some may say they are said to see one of Ardmore's iconic skyscrapers go down, the overwhelming consensus is the opposite.
"No, not really," said Proctor, when asked if she's said to see them go. "I don't feel like it has that any kind of architectural, historical value."
Business owners near the towers are worried how the destruction will effect customer traffic.
Jim Jensen, who owns and operates the popular Jimmy J's restaurant is one of them.
"Well of course I'm really concerned about the mess or how it's coming down and how it's going to affect my business," said Jensen.
As for what will take it's place, that's up to the Chickasaw Nation, not the city since the towers are on tribal land.
But business owners and the mayor aren't worried what will take its place
"I've got enough confidence in the Chickasaw tribe in what they're doing to think that whatever they do down there is going to be a big improvement," said Dyer.
We spoke with officials from the Chickasaw Nation, they could not give us an update on how or when the towers will come down.