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2014 Team Preview: Wilson Eagles

WILSON, OK -- No one out at the Wilson Eagles' practice really knows the last time the club made the postseason.

"Everybody else doesn't really believe in us but I feel like if we did it, it would be a shocker to the state," senior receiver and safety Josh Houchin said.

That's why it's such a priority to get back to the playoffs this fall.

"I'd like to be successful, I'd like to go to the first round of the playoffs for sure. But, only being four seniors means it's a pretty young team. So, should be experienced for next year, not just like all about my senior year, it's for their next year too. So just glad to come out here and help them out," senior quarterback and safety Trendon Smith added.

The foundation of a program is in the works. The four seniors are now under their third head coach as Jacob Kreamer is the new man in charge and he is on a mission.

"It'll be a lot more physical with him I think, he's going to set the pace for us I think," Smith said.

They are hoping to land in the top four of a tough Class A-3 district with teams like Ringling and Velma-Alma stranding in the way. They will work for it though with a whole new look.

"Schematically, we're changing things up quite a bit. You know, we're complete re-haul of everything that they've been doing," Kreamer said.

As they are just days away from kicking off against Walters, they are going to use their time to prepare the best way they can.

"We're just going to work hard, like I said, try to get better every single day. I mean, that's the most you can do. As coaches we're going to push these kids and try to get as much out of them as we can and go from there," Kreamer concluded.