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Kingston Man Arrested After Allegedly Starving Puppy To Death

KINGSTON, OK -- A Marshall County man is facing a felony charge after prosecutors say he mistreated puppies, which eventually killed one of them.

Police in Kingston went to the home where neighbors say they'd seen several dogs. Prosecutors say they determined the animals did not have enough food and water. The allegations have some dog owners on the block outraged.

"We take care of them. They're like kids to me though," says nearby dog owner Gayla Davenport.

With 4 dogs of her own, Davenport calls herself an animal lover.

So she was upset when she says she recently saw someone on her street hitting a pit bull with a fly swatter.

"That breaks my heart, because that's bothered me since I saw it," says Davenport.

Even worse? When we told her one of her neighbors in the 100 block of S. Kemp is facing an animal cruelty charge after prosecutors say he  "cruelly injured" a puppy and it died.

"I know they had one big dog and a lot of little pups," says neighbor Ernestine Collum.

"I don't know if they were all pits, but I know the one that was chained to the front porch was a pit," says neighbor Josh Clayton.

According to court documents, Kenneth Goodwin Jr., 36, is accused of failing to "provide food, water, and adequate care," resulting in the malnourishment of 3 puppies around Aug. 5, including the one that died.

"I never saw but one time of somebody over there taking care of the dog," says Collum. "They were out there on that porch and they couldn't go nowhere. There had to be somebody to give them water, food, something."

There were no dogs here when we stopped by. Neighbors say they believe it is a rent house and the people who used to live here have now moved out.

"I was actually wondering what happened to the dogs because I noticed the grass is all cut and cleaned up," says Clayton. "I had an issue with a little boy that lived over there and I went over there to talk to his parents and the dog was on the front porch and it was kind of mean looking, so I just let it go."

"That's part of having dogs. It's the responsibility just like having a child. You've got to take care of what you have. We choose them, they don't choose us," says Davenport.

If convicted, Goodwin could face up to 5 years in prison and a $500 fine. He was released Aug. 6 with no bond.  According to online records, his next court date is on Friday. There is no defense attorney listed.