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Ada Man Hit by Stray Bullet While Sleeping

ADA, OK-- An Ada man was shot while sleeping in his own bed. Now authorities are trying to find out who shot him. The Pontotoc County Sheriff's office launched an  investigation into the shooting yesterday morning.

"Just a loud bang," said Brian Manuel, who was struck by a stray bullet Tuesday morning. "And I rose up out of bed, and felt on my chest and there was blood on it."
It was about 7:30 in the morning when Manuel says a bullet tore through the bedroom wall of his trailer home, and hit him in the left shoulder.

"II knewsomething had happened," he said. "It was traumatic. A loud, violent gunshot."

He says he then wrapped his wound in a blanket, stepped outside to call his brother and the police and was quickly transported to Mercy Hospital. Sheriff John Christian launched an investigation into the shooting, but says he doesn't believe Manuel was intentionally targeted.

"We don't believe it was anything but an accident," said Christian. "Someone shooting at something and a stray bullet hitting the trailer house."

Manuel told KTEN he didn't harbor any hard feelings or relationships with anyone in the area.

Manuel lives in the Ahloso Y neighborhood off of County Road 1573. He says he often sees stray dogs roaming the area, and that it's not rare to see or hear people shooting at them.

"People know who they are that shoot out here, and it needs to stop before somebody gets killed, or kids, somebody," said Manuel.

Sheriff's deputies have been talking with neighbors door-to-door. At this time, they have no leads.

The bullet still hasn't been removed from Manuel's arm. Deputies won't know what type of firearm they are looking for until it's taken out. If you know anything about the shooting, you're urged to call the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office.