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Fort Towson And Bokchito School Bonds Fail During Primary Runoff Election

DURANT, OK -- Oklahoma residents went to the polls for a primary runoff election. Tonight, all the results are in.

We now know the Democrat who will face Republican Joy Hofmeister in the race for state schools superintendent and the Democrat who will run to succeed Senator Tom Coburn.

State Sen. Connie Johnson of Oklahoma City defeated a man known as a "perennial candidate," Jim Rogers.

According to Wikipedia, Rogers, a street corner campaigner in Midwest City, is originally from Atoka County.

Johnson will face off against Republican congressman James Lankford in November.

The senate vacancy was created when Coburn, who won an election in 2010, decided to retire 2 years early due to health problems.

In the superintendent race, a founder of charter schools in Oklahoma City, Freda Deskin, lost out to a small town superintendent in Peggs in Cherokee County.  John Cox will now advance to November's race against Hofmeister.

There was a big 3-way race on the ballot in Love County for an unexpired term as Marietta's mayor. The winner, former council member Jerry Cochran, wrapping things up neatly tonight with nearly two-thirds of all the votes cast.

Now to Johnston County, where voters approved a 1-percent sales tax renewal by a 3-to-1 margin. The tax goes to the general fund and is split among various county functions. It will now run until the end of 2019.
Wapanucka voters passed a $395,000 dollar school bond that we're told by the office would go for a new security entrance to the elementary school with 2 extra classrooms.  The vote was 78 to 22 percent.

In Bryan County, the Rock Creek school district was seeking a $350,000 bond for 3 new school buses and as many other vehicles as they can afford. Voters in Blue and Bokchito said okay by a 26-vote margin, but that's not enough. It needed 60 percent to pass.

In Choctaw County, a $355,000 bond to upgrade school buildings including the gym and sports complex in Fort Towson failed by 9 votes.

Hotel guests in McAlester will pay a new 6-percent tax to promote tourism in that city, and several propositions involving changes to the city charter all passed.

Here are the full and unofficial results from the Oklahoma State Election Board:

U.S. Senator Unexpired Term
Connie Johnson   54,728    58%  x
Jim Rogers       39,649    42%
Supt. of Public Instruction
John Cox         60,337   63%   x
Freda Deskin     35,607   37%

Marietta Mayor Unexpired Term
Jerry Cochran       118    62%  X
Roy Chew Sr.         12     6%
Larry Creasman       62    32%

Johnston Co. 1% Sales Tax Renewal
Yes    415   73%  X
No     154   27%
Wapanucka $395K School Bond
Yes  101  78%   X
No    28  22%

Rock Creek $350K School Bond
Yes   166   54% 
No    140   46%  X NEEDED 60%

Fort Towson $355K School Bond
Yes   96   48%
No    105  52%  X

Pushmataha Co. Commissioner Dist. 3
Larry Bell      263    45%
Rickie Briggs   318    55%  X

Murray Co. Commissioner Dist. 1
Kent McKinley         350   69%  X
Shane Cornbread Hale  159   31% 

Krebs $2.98M School Bond
Yes   221  65% X
No    119  35%

Asher $1.74M School Bond
Yes    106  84% X
No      20  16%

Asher $150K School Bond
Yes    105  85% X
No      18  15%

Alex $700K School Bond
Yes    121   73% X
No      44   27%

Elmore City-Pernell $2.275M School Bond
Yes    377  61%  X
No     241  39% 

McAlester 6% Hotel Tax
Yes    731  68%  X
No     351  32%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 1 Vacancies
Yes    779  73%   X
No     289  27%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 2 Debt
Yes   758   70%   X
No    318   30%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 3 Debt
Yes    754  70%   X
No     318  30%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 4 Audits
Yes    823  85%  X
No     145  15%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 5 Ward Population
Yes    770  80%  X
No     192  20%

McAlester City Charter Change - Prop 6 Ward Population
Yes    754  79%   X
No     204  21%